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Micro-Retail Space

We are changing retail for businesses, landlords and community alike. These new 4,000 - 8,000 sqft spaces are created to demonstrate an entire individualistic experience, all the while, each concept aligned with it’s immediate surroundings. Each of our collaborative retail spaces are committed to improving the health and the overall quality of life to the local community that sustains it.

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Woodland Corner
Commercial Development

Sustainability is our number one focus as a commercial development company. Woodland Corner is a great example of architecture and sustainability co-existing. Some of the key features of this 2.1 acre development is the use of recycled and reclaimed materials, solar energy as well as natural and organic products that help clean our air on a daily basis.

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Temporary Community Projects

Bloom is a new tool for municipalities and developers to use while property sits underutilized. Staying true to its name, Bloom takes vacant property and transforms it into something beautiful for the community. We are a temporary solution that combines local business, artistic installations and sustainable practices to offer sought-after neighborhood amenities



Commercial Development

Chuka is a 4 acre commercial development offering a creative and green approach to big box retail. By partnering with national brands and offering them a sustainable product, we are shifting the traditional lease to something forward thinking and funky for the local community. 


The Common Good
Micro-Retail Space

The Common Good Community is a commercial hub for locally owned businesses to come together! This space allows businesses to grow without the expensive buildout, labor, and inventory costs that traditional retail demands. This is a community where business owners work together, collaborate on new ideas, and become the staple within their community.

güd eats inc
Vegan QSR

Güd Eats,100% plant-based fast food and vegan micro grocer. Our menu is made with all natural whole-food derived ingredients complete with sustainable, cruelty free food options which are sure to satisfy any craving. At Güd Eats, we are proud to offer tasty eats which are wholesome, delicious and loaded with creative spins on fast and comfort food as well as a large selection of healthy salads. 

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This is the symbol you will find outside TWG’s new collaborative retail spaces across Canada. These two characters are carrying a large bouquet of flowers, representing shopping local and supporting small business. We chose flowers because flowers are a symbol of life, they are vibrant as well as an iconic gift representing love and friendship. New locations to open in Vancouver, Regina, Toronto, LA and more.

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